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Limbsaver Slip-On Recoil Pad Review

I was recentely browsing my local Walmart and was wandering through the hunting section and saw something i didnt expect to find.

Limbsave Slip On Recoil Pad, under Winchester name

Limbsaver Slip-On Recoil Pad, under Winchester name

I was first thrown off as i have only seen these marked exclusively under the Limbsaver name and not Winchester, figuring i would take a chance and buy one as i needed one for my Benjamin Discovery i bought one in small and proceded with the installation.

I first tried to install it with the stock butt pad in place but realized it was creating a small gap where it curves so i decided to try  removing the stock pad and try again.

Benjamin Discovery Butt Pad

Benjamin Discovery Butt Pad

It fits perfect and i can tell it is the same tried and true Navcom material and it was only $19.97 it fits very snug and shoulders perfectly i couldnt be happier i was suprised with the price as Amazon has them for $27 or so and this was a steal at the price of $19.97.

Limbsaver Slip On Recoil Pad (Small)

Limbsaver Slip-On Recoil Pad (Small)

For any looking for a recoil pad or just want a simple fix for your slippery Discovery recoil rad these (Limbsaver Slip On Recoil Pads) work great and are highly recommended.


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